It is the thrill of racing around an open track, building a kart that is faster than others, and winning the occasional race. Go karts are a lot of fun, and for people who really enjoy them, they can be somewhat of a passion. If you consider yourself a go-kart enthusiast who is found more often than not either driving your kart or working on your kart, there are certain things you will need in your garage, and a stationary kart stand is one of those items. Here is a look at three of the important reasons to have a Streeter stationary kart stand as go-kart enthusiast. 

The kart stand makes it easier to work on your equipment. 

The primary function of the kart stand is it allows you to raise the go kart up off of the ground so you can perform the necessary maintenance. Whether you are working on the engine, changing a tire, or otherwise, it helps a great deal to have the kart raised because it naturally lays so close to the ground. Without something to hold the kart in place while you work, you are left trying to use traditional mechanical jacks, which never seem to work out just right. 

The kart stand is an ideal fixture to store your kart when it's not in use. 

When your go kart is tucked away in the garage, it is always best if it is kept up off the ground so it does not become a trip hazard or end up damaged because it can be so hard to see. With a stationary kart stand, you can keep your kart propped in an upright position so it doesn't take up so much space in your garage and doesn't get in the way. 

The kart stand is an awesome help during transport. 

Even stationary kart stands are fairly easy to load and haul on a trailer or the bed of a truck. Therefore, having one can make transporting your go kart a little less stressful. The kart stand keeps the go kart in a fixed position so it is not jarred around during transit. 

In the end, a basic kart stand is an excellent investment if you are crazy about your go-kart adventures. Check with a kart racing supply store for various models of streeter kart stands, and you are bound to find one that caters well to your needs.