Are you a new biker? Perhaps you've always traveled by car but you are now ready to hit the road in Texas on your motorcycle. Of course, you could do that solo, and that would be a lot of fun. However, you might have an even better time if you go on a motorcycle tour of the great state of Texas with a guide and some other motorcycle enthusiasts. Texas might be a huge state, but you can see a lot of it by hitting the road with somebody who has planned the trip. From starting in El Paso to ending up in Port Arthur, here's what you might expect when you join others in going on a motorcycle tour.

Getting Started

Of course, you'll want to decide on the best time to take your Texas trip. Consider going in the spring when the field flowers are in bloom and when the days are so gorgeous that all you'll probably need is a light jacket. Winters can get pretty cold, but they're doable. However, if you decide to tour Texas during the summer months, prepare to bake your body because the entire state of Texas can be pretty hot. Take plenty of sunscreen and a hat that will shield you from the hot rays of the sun.

Hit The Highlights

Of course, your tour guide will already have a plan for the places you'll be visiting. Be sure that the places include things you've always wanted to see in Texas. For example, if you're in the San Antonio area, you'll want to check out the downtown area where you'll see historic places like The Alamo, the Mexican market, and the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. At the same time, find out if your tour includes fun places like Gruene, Wimberly, Boerne, Fredericksburgm and New Braunfels.  The same goes for East Texas. If you're in the Houston area, you might as well go to the beach in Galveston.

The great part about being part of a motorcycle tour is that the service will set up hotel accommodations and parking for your motorcycle. In addition, the service will have already planned the best restaurants for you to taste things like Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex food. You'll also be given personal time for shopping for Texas souvenirs to take home with you. One of the best parts about being on a motorcycle tour is that, if you have any mechanical problems with your motorcycle, there will be somebody to help you.