Motocross is all about the thrill of riding a different kind of track, but there is more to this sport than speed, dirt, and the bike. You do need to wear the proper gear when you hit the track on your motocross bike. However, this is one fact that a lot of riders downplay, which means they oftentimes go for inexpensive and low-quality gear. Unfortunately, making the choice to wear low-quality gear on the track can have negative consequences. From your helmet to your boots, your gear has an effect on everything about your experience. Here are a few things you can expect to happen when you make the change from low-quality gear to the higher quality motocross pieces. 

Feel more comfortable when you ride. 

Your primary goal when you climb on a bike before a race is to stay focused on staying safe and performing well. If the gear you are wearing is uncomfortable, it can totally affect your overall performance on the track. You may find yourself struggling with boots that shift and move when they shouldn't, a helmet that doesn't fit quite right, or even gloves that slip and slide on your fingers. The higher quality racing gear, such as Alpinestars motocross gear and other top brands, will not put you in these kinds of situations. 

Enjoy more endurance on the track. 

Racing gear that is made to be comfortable with quality materials will keep you comfortable while you ride, which means one thing: it will also help you feel comfortable longer so you can stick around at the track for longer if you need to. This increased boost of endurance can be just what you need to push you through a long race, keep you focused, and even help you win. For example, if you wear a jacket in the summer months that is not made of breathable materials, you are probably going to grow fatigued faster than what you would if you were wearing a quality jacket that offered breathability, moisture control, and cooling panels. 

Find ultimate confidence as a racer. 

It may be just gear, but there is a certain status that goes along with wearing that top-of-the-line racing helmet or those insanely awesome boots when you climb on your motocross bike. Therefore, when you make the change from the low-quality racing clothing and gear you've been used to wearing to the better stuff, you will feel an automatic boost to your confidence levels.