Ducati is a name that has always been synonymous with motorbike racing. For thirty years, the company went on hiatus and stopped producing their bikes. Now that they have started making racing bikes again, everyone is excited about dusting off the racing bike they have from this company and riding again. They are also excited about purchasing new bikes from this company, and purchasing project bikes to restore. There is just one tiny problem; the gas cap. 

Ducati gas caps have been revolutionary and revolutionized over the years. They are able to do some things that other racing bike gas tanks and gas caps can not, particularly with sealing in the gas and vapors to prevent spillage during races. If you have one of these bikes, the gas cap may have had its gasket rot away after so long, or if you bought a project bike, it may not come with a gas cap. Here are some reasons why you can only replace these gas caps with those by the same manufacturer. 

No Other Gas Caps Fit

Without completely modifying the opening of the gas tank on these bikes, no other gas caps will fit. It is part of the company's signature on all their racing bike models. While it varies slightly from one model to the next over the decades, it remains very distinct . Unless you use the same gas caps produced by the bikes' manufacturer, you won't be able to ride the bike. 

Not Many Other Gas Caps Tout Fuel Efficiency

Not only do you not lose gas to evaporation and spillage, but you also have increased fuel efficiency with these caps. There are not that many other racing bike companies that can tout that their gas caps do the same. Even if you could replace the gas cap with one that is not made by this company, you would probably lose out on this particular gas cap feature. 

Aesthetics Is Equally Important

Equally as important as the above reasons for purchasing these gas caps direct from the manufacture is the aesthetic value. These gas caps are designed with the specific racing bikes in mind, and are colored and shaped to look like a very natural part of the bike. You could get replacement caps that stand out just a little bit (as seen with the chrome-covered gas cap model), but for the most part, the gas caps are just as attractive as the bikes. 

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