When you look at different makes and models of side-by-sides, you'll often notice that their bodies are mounted at different heights off the ground. Some of these vehicles are close to the ground, while others are more elevated. The height of a side-by-side is only one factor that you'll evaluate before buying it. If you like the various features of one model but wish the body were higher off the ground, you can buy and install — or have installed for you — a lift kit. Similar to lift kits for trucks, a lift kit for a side-by-side elevates the body and may also allow you to install bigger tires. Here are some reasons that you may want to put a lift kit under your new side-by-side.

Crossing Water

It's always a good idea to think about how you intend to use your new side-by-side. If you expect to cross shallow streams from time to time — perhaps while you're hunting or camping, or maybe even because you have a small stream on your property — a lift kit can be a perfect addition. It can help to elevate the body of the side-by-side so that it doesn't drag through the water, thus giving you more clearance as you navigate this natural obstacle.

Navigating Rocky Areas

You can hardly watch a side-by-side commercial without seeing it climbing across a rocky area. Vehicles with higher ground clearance are more capable of this type of maneuver, as those that are lower to the ground may have their bodies may contact with the rocks and even get "bottom out" in certain areas. If you're a thrill-seeker who is set on pushing your new side-by-side to the limit in challenging environments, a lift kit can go a long way toward helping you.

Visual Reasons

There are a number of truck owners who install lift kits under their pickups without ever having plans to take the vehicle off-road. In many cases, drivers simply like the look of their lifted vehicle. If you belong to this group, you may be interested in putting a lift kit under your side-by-side, too. There's nothing wrong with pursuing upgrades that will improve the look of your vehicle in your mind, and a lift kit certainly fits into this category for many outdoor enthusiasts.

For more information on upgrading your outdoor vehicle, contact a local supplier of side-by-sides for sale